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coalitions, grassroots, nonprofits, community and equity-centered



being the change you want to see shouldn't be difficult--

we're here to make it easier on groups and invidudals 


Self Made Roots is centered in the idea that the strongest communities are built by the people in it; so, in a way, our communities are self made by the people in it. We aim to create stronger and equitable societies by providing resources, capacity building support, coalition-building tactics, and various resource-sharing opportunities to individuals, nonprofits and/or grassroots efforts towards strengthening our immediate and far-reaching communities.

Whatever phase your initiative is in, we're committed to supporting you in their success and longevity. Our services include, but are not limited to: 

Program Development (from ideation to evaluation)

Capacity Building

Branding and Marketing

Coalition Building and Mobilization

Embedding Equity

We've wrapped up a few projects this year and have a few in the works--thank you for your patience as we get the project summaries up for you to see.
In the mean time, let us work on a project or two with you. Check out our services page and submit a request to our team. 

Want to stay posted on our happenings and whereabouts?

Thank you for submitting; we'll keep you posted on what we're up to :)

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