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Whatever phase your initiative is in, we're committed to helping you strengthen it--equitably and inclusively 


If you're stuck, moving along nicely, or just want to brainstorm--we've got you covered

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Developing programs and services takes a lot of time, energy, and work; but, you don't have to do it alone! Your initiative may just be in an idea phase--and that's okay. We're here to help you take it to the next level and come up with programs and services that best meet the needs of your target audience, initiative, mission, and vision.  If you've got a program or service already in place and want to see how you can do more, improve it, and/or evaluate it, we can help with that too. Creating sustainable programs and services that can greatly change the impact it has on our communities, and we know you can do it. Our process is not linear, and can encompass any of the following objectives towards the success of your program and initiative.


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Ideation  -- Embedding Equity --  Creation  --  Implementation  -- Evaluation  -- Repetition

Programs & Services:
Ideation to Evaluation
Coalition Building:
Membership and Mobilization



Connecting with other groups and individuals to amplify your mission is the core of coalition building. Finding the common ground, growing your member base, and identifying stakeholders with shared interests towards executing collective goals. 

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Stakeholder engagement -- Member Management -- Mobilization -- Advocacy & Movement Sustainability -- Fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Marketing & Branding:
Your Message Matters


Your initiative is designed to positively impact and touch lives-- the real challenge is making sure that there is no room for interpretation by any audience by locking in solid messaging, branding, and digital presence. 

Already have a message and brand but looking to enhance it? We've got you covered on that too! If we can't execute the way you want to, we'll connect you with someone from our talented network to get the job done how you envision it; providing you direct support and guidance every step of the way. 

Let us know how we can help you with

Social Media -- Website Development -- Branding & Digital Presence -- Newsletters -- Communications -- Inclusive and Equitable Outreach and Engagement

Capacity Building:
Grow your reach strategically



Now that you've got your organization, coalition, initiative, or business--now it's time to grow--and grow sustainably. Our capacity building approach encompasses a method to allow your initiative to sustain over time  operationally, financially, programmatically, or anything in between. 

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Event Planning -- Operational Growth -- Data Management Techniques -- Grant/ Proposal Writing -- Long-term Planning -- Equitable Growth Strategies --- Inclusive Capacity Building

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